Making sense of the Fs and Bs: A primer

And I do mean primer.  This is the bare bones just to be sure we are on the same page and using the same language.  All of the statements below apply to goldendoodles, in this case.

Daisy, F1 Goldendoodle

F1 Goldendoodle:

Pure-bred golden retriever  x  pure-bred standard poodle

Our dam, Daisy, is an F1 goldendoodle






Uber, F1b goldendoodle

F1b Goldendoodle:

F1  goldendoodle x  pure-bred Standard Poodle

Our sire, Uber, is an F1b goldendoodle  (F1 goldendoodle x standard poodle).






F2 Goldendoodle:  F1 goldendoodle  x  F1 goldendoodle


F2b Goldendoodle:  F1 goldendoodle x  F1b goldendoodle — this is what our puppies are!!

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