Our Dooodles


Daisy playing fetch at Shelby Bottoms Dog Park.

Daisy is our female F1 goldendoodle (golden retriever x standard poodle).  Her coat is a classic wavy, shaggy goldendoodle coat that is low-shedding.  (Check out our “Why choose an F2 goldendoodle” page for more information on coat types, shedding, and allergies.)  She weighs 54 pounds and stands approximately 21″ tall at the top of her shoulder. She is light golden in color.

Daisy is very gregarious, as well as extraordinarily sweet and loving.  She loves every person she meets, young or old, and always stops what she’s doing to “hold paws” with them.  She loves other dogs and cats as well, although cats aren’t always as eager to play as she is!  Her outgoing personality and beautiful coat means that she is always a big hit at the dog park and everywhere else we go.  Daisy is also very smart, and eager to please.  She enjoys learning tricks and is quick to catch on to new ones, especially if a food reward is involved!  She was very easy to train and to housebreak as a puppy.  Her most recent tricks are “high five” and “crawl.”

Daisy at Riverside Park on the Mississippi River, Memphis (2011)

Daisy’s favorite activities are playing fetch, swimming, and tromping through the woods or anywhere else that has things she can climb over, shimmy under, hop up on, or jump off of.  She loves the water, whether she is playing fetch, wading in the lake to cool off, or taking a few laps around the pool for the sheer enjoyment of it.  This summer, during a family pool party, she taught herself to swim underwater to retrieve diving toys!  She always wants to be in on the fun, no matter what activity we are doing.  As a 5 month old puppy, she surprised us by jumping up to catch a frisbee mid-air, interrupting a game among friends!

Daisy’s is expecting her second litter. She is a fantastic mom!  She did a wonderful job with her first litter, and we weren’t surprised – she loves children and babies, and is very attentive and nurturing by nature. She always positions herself to stand between myself and strangers, and does the same with family members and strangers. When we  have children or babies visit our home, Daisy sits just out of reach of the children to observe them until they reach out to show interest in her.  Then, she patiently tolerates their sometimes not-so-gentle pats and even the occasional hair pull.  She seems to feel protective of babies and young children, as she does not leave their side.  All of these instincts kicked in full force with her very first litter of 9 puppies.  She did a wonderful job caring for each of them and keeping them in line! We can’t wait for our next arrivals!


Uber, posing handsomely

Uber is a male F1b goldendoodle (F1 goldendoodle x standard poodle).  His coat is curly and more poodle-like, which is typical of an F1b; it is totally non-shedding and is hypo-allergenic (no dog’s coat is completely free of allergenic effects; see our “Why choose an F2 goldendoodle” page for more info).  He is sporting a clipped coat in this photo (left), but his full coat is very plush and velvety soft.  He is a beautiful, rare red goldendoodle! (His father was an 85 pound red standard poodle.)  He weighs 53 pounds and stands 23″ high at the shoulder.

For Daisy and Uber, it was love at first sight at the dog park!  Uber lives with Sarah and Steve, his owners and good friends of ours, in East Nashville.  He is also an extremely friendly dog who truly lives to play.  At the dog park and on walks, he greets both people and dogs with a floppy grin and a nuzzle, befriending everyone he meets.  He is also quite the outdoorsman – er, dog.  He is a great running partner and an excellent dog to have along your side for outdoor excursions on the trails. Lately he has picked up a new hobby – wading into lakes to chase grouchy geese around!

Uber is also very smart!  On his very first day home, he fetched a ball and dropped it for his owners, waiting for it to be thrown again.  Impressive for an 8 week old puppy! Teaching him how to sit, stay, shake, and bark took only a single night of training.

Uber with his backyard playmate, puppy Roo

Even at a young age, Uber showed gentle playfulness with children and tiny puppies when it is time to play! His soft, plush coat has been known to be the pillow for young children to rest their head on when play time is over. He also enjoys celebrating his favorite holidays by dressing up in costumes! (Check out our Photo Gallery.)  What a good sport! (Personally, I believe all doodles love costumes! Send us your favorite pictures of your dressed-up Gordon Goldendoodle!)