Previous Litters

Check back soon for updates!  I am adding more recent pictures of our puppies from previous litters, and adding notes from their sweet owners where I am able. For more pictures of our puppies, please “Like” our Facebook page and check out our Photo Albums.  I will also be creating a Gordon Goldendoodles Instagram account soon — get excited!!

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“Summer” (female)  —  Madison, MS

Summer is the perfect dog for our family of five. She is good-natured and loves people and other dogs. She is playful but gentle. My youngest son was terrified of dogs until we welcomed Summer into our family. She does NOT shed, and her coat feels like the softest stuffed animal! She has the most beautiful long brown eyelashes!! She loves playing fetch and walking in the neighborhood. … I never thought she would live up to my expectations, but she totally has. Awesome family dog!! We LOVE her!!!

The Hutchison Family, Sept. 23, 2012

Summer at 4 months old


Summer at 10 months (after her first haircut)





“Sophie” (female)  —  Memphis, TN

Sophie (10 months old) and her family. (Go Vols!)

A note from her family:

Sofie is such a wonderful dog! She is white with apricot tinting in some spots, especially on her ears. Her hair is curly (some of her poodle side), but when it grows out it has the classic doodle, muppet, teddy bear look which is oh so cute. Sofie wants to be friends with everyone (dogs and humans) and is fabulous with people of all ages, but is still a great alert dog. She is an active, but laid back dog who is always willing to go with the flow of whatever is going on. Many people who are not dog people often complement us on Sofie and love being around her. We are so happy to have her as a part of our family. 

Sophie at 5 months old



“Blondie” (female)  —  Greenville, SC

Blondie, before her first haircut!

Blondie was born with a beautiful wavy, apricot coat. She was our only apricot pup. A few of the puppies in our current litter have similar coloring (so far).  While her coat has gotten a little bit darker with age, she remains a true apricot in color. This little girl was the sweetest, most affectionate pup in the litter from a very young age. All she wanted to do was cuddle, all she needed was affection and attention. Blondie’s new family loves her a lot! With three young kids and other pets in the home, she gets all the love and attention she can handle!

Blondie (after her first haircut) with her family

Blondie is the sweetest dog! Thank you again for her! She is also a very gentle dog (Max is 4 years old; the twins, Abney and Crews, are almost 2). Even when she gets excited she doesn’t jump on the kids.

Blondie loves to be around people. My parents kept her while we moved into our new home (with a bigger yard!)… they are in love with her, too. We also have a Chinese crested named Clyde (Blondie and Clyde). Clyde and Blondie loooove each other. They play all the time together. Blondie also loves the cat Leo.

Blondie is gorgeous!!! She is apricot with shaggy hair. (Was shaggy hair – you can see her new haircut in the picture of our family.) She does not shed at all! She is also very smart.

We could not have asked for a better goldendoodle. Better than we ever imagined.

Love, The Wilson Family


“Fannie” (female)  —  Nashville, TN

Fannie (right) at 6 months old, with Nash (left)

Fannie teaching kiddos how to play fetch

This beautiful girl has a gorgeous coat – curly, fluffy, red coat, with delicate, poodle-like features and beautiful red coloring.  Fannie is a very smart pup and very friendly.  She is naturally polite and well-mannered, as well as alert and focused, and has been that way her whole life. Training comes very easily to her.  She is determined and fearless! Fannie is the only dog I’ve ever heard of who isn’t afraid of fireworks, but instead ran over to the fence to get closer to investigate! Her owners told us that she potty-trained within one day of being home, and that she never jumps on people! She is excellent with children and babies. She lives with our friends, Ryan and Shannon, in Nashville, so we have been very lucky to get to spend time with her throughout her first year of life. I personally watched her teach an 18-month old toddler and his 4 year old brother how to play fetch with her. She is an impressive doodle — a gorgeous, calm, patient, very intelligent, well-mannered pet who will bring her family joy for many years to come!


“LevonHelm” (male)  —  Nashville, TN

This little guy has a very curly dark apricot coat.  He lives here in East Nashville with friends of Uber’s. They will be quite the duo!  It will be so fun to watch him grow up with his dad! He is a sweet, patient, laid-back boy who will bring much joy and companionship to his new owners.


LevonHelm at his first vet visit (4 months old). How brave!

LevonHelm at 8 months old. Check out his gorgeous shaggy coat!



“Reilly” (male)  —  Hernando, MS (North Mississippi)

Reilly at 13 weeks

Reilly at 13 weeks



Reilly has a soft, wavy, deep apricot coat with blonde tips and a white chest; he also has some white on his paws.  He is very active and curious, and has been very easy to train.  He was housebroken after being home for only a week!   Reily is smart and has a ton of personality.


“Snoop” (female)  —  New Orleans, LA



Our girl Snoop is doing great!!  She really is the most amazing dog.  I can’t imagine my life without her!  She weighs 50 now.  7 months and still growing Smile  She gets more amazing every single day Sarah!  Such a blessing and has made Nola what it is!   You have succeeded!   She is the most popular dog in our neighborhood.   People I don’t know recognize me around our neighborhood because of her.  Thank you so much!  Love, the Sumralls